Metal Turned Parts

We specialise in Metal Turned Parts manufacturing, offering the custom manufacturing services of Metal Turned Parts and other products. We provide quick and reliable turning and machining services for both small and large components. We can manufacture and provide you with all types, shapes and size of Metal Turned Parts based on your industrial requirements. Whether you are looking for Metal Turned Parts for your electrical, automotive, automobile, aerospace, lightening and other types of applications, we provide a wide range of Metal Turned Parts. Every parts and product have their own characteristics and features which are the right choice for your specific applications. Our Expertise and Technology offer you high-quality Metal Turned Parts with the highest industry standards to provide long-lasting performance and maintain high efficiency. We also provide various surface finishes options for Metal Turned Parts such as brushed finish, mechanically polished, matte finish, bright annealed, special finish and many more.

Metal Turned Parts can be available in a variety of shapes, including straight, curved, grooved, conical and many more. The range of Metal Turned Parts designed and built precisely to meet all requirements of the customer. Metal Turned Parts manufactured from various operations including tapered turning, machining, hard turning, machining, milling, forging, facing, knurling and many more based on customer requirements. We can provide you with the best solution for Metal Turned Parts, no matter how complex its design is, what tolerance you require, and other modifications. We can provide you with Metal Turned Parts and other products in a small, medium and a large range of products.

Metal Turned Parts

Custom Turning Process:

  • Turning is a machining process which include type and operations like tapered turning, spherical generation and hard turning. Other processes include:
  • Facing.
  • Parting (Cut off)
  • Grooving
  • Boring
  • Drilling
  • Knurling
  • Reaming
  • Threading

Metal Turned Parts Testing:

  • Metal High Tensile Strength Testing.
  • Metal Hardness Testing.
  • Metal Surface Finish Testing.

Metal Turned Parts Features:

  • RoHS and ELV Compliant Alloys.
  • Each Metal Turned Parts have their own Characteristics.
  • Available in simple to compact size and design.
  • High Corrosion and Temperature Resistant.
  • Accurate Dimension, Robust and Rugged Construction.
  • Easy to shape, cast and form.
  • High Electrical & Thermal Conductivity.
  • Available with excellent electrical & flexural properties.
  • Available in Simple to Complex Tolerance.

Metal Turned Parts Application:

  • Metal Turned Parts are ideal for use in various manufacturing, fastening, installation, connection and production process.
  • Metal Turned Parts widely used in electrical, electronics, construction, waterworks, manufacturing, medical, automotive, automobile, aerospace, transport, food and many more industrial sectors.
We can manufacture any type of Larger Quantity Metal Turned Parts based on custom specification or samples & export to Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, UK and other European Countries. Contact us for more Information.