Brass Turned Parts

Brass Turned Parts

Brass is a widely used material for manufacturing and producing various machining or turning components. Whether you are looking for Brass Turned Parts for your electrical, electronics, automotive, automobile, aerospace, lighting, marine or any other type of applications, we provide a wide range of Brass Turned Parts s in variety of sizes, shapes and quantity. The manufactured range of Brass Turned Parts are the ideal and economical choice for various applications because of its broad functional temperature range, long-lasting performance, increased machinability, relatively easy and inexpensive to shape and form.

From simple to most complex Brass Turned Parts, we provide you with the products which meet all your requirements. With precisely combine material and alloys, we produce and cast exact Brass Turned Parts you require. Brass Turned Parts are accepting finish techniques including powder coatings, anodizing, electroplating and more.

Select Brass Turned Parts based on a variety of factors including material alloys, design, shapes, process capabilities and more for your required application. We provide high volume production for Brass Turned Parts.

Brass Turned Parts

Brass Alloys:

  • Free Machining Brass, Free Cutting Brass, Red Brass, Alpha Brass, Naval Brass, High Tensile Brass, DFR Brass, Casting Brass and many more based on custom specification.

Brass Turned Parts Testing Process:

  • Brass high tensile strength testing.
  • Brass Hardness testing.
  • Brass Surface Finish Testing.

Brass Turned Parts Machining Process:

  • Thread Machining
  • Die Cutting
  • Grooving
  • Drilling and Grinding
  • Milling and Turning
  • Punching
  • Surface Finish

Brass Turned Parts Features:

  • RoHS and ELV Compliant Alloys.
  • Available with very fine field of tolerance.
  • Corrosion Resistant and High electrical conductivity.
  • High mechanical stability.
  • High Strength, ductility and workability.
  • Low Friction and Versatile Construction Material.
  • Combines Strength with Flexibility.
  • Increased Machinability and Hardness.
  • Easy to Shape, Cast and Form.
  • Highest Precision and Proficiency in Production.
  • High electrical conductivity.

Brass Turned Parts Applications:

  • Used in valves, fittings in sanitary and plumbing sectors, also used in sliding and bearing elements for drive technology, socket elements, components for the electronics field.
  • For forging, machining and other metal shaping techniques and procedures.
  • Brass Turned Parts widely used by Marine, Transport, Packaging, Construction, Machining, Consumer Goods, Electrical, Telecommunication, Electronics, Electro-Mechanical, Waterworks, Sanitary, Chemical and many other industries.

Brass International Material Grade Comparison Table

MaterialGermanyUSAUK (British)EuropeJapanInternationalIndia

Leaded Brass (General Reference Density 8.5 gm/cm3)

High Leaded Brass2.0331C34500CZ131 / CZ119CW601N/CuZn35Pb2C3560CuZn34Pb2 
Forging Brass2.038C37700CZ120CW608N, CW617NC3771 BE1634-CuZn38Pb2IS3488/IS6912 FLB
Threaded Rolling BrassCuZn44Pb2C35300CZ119CW606N, CW602NH3260(92)C3501 W1639-CuZn43Pb2 
Free Cutting Muntz Metal2.0372C37000CZ124CW607NH3100(92)C3713  
Architectural BronzeCuZn39Pb3C38500CZ121CW614NC36031637-CuZn39Pb3IS:319 Grade 1
Architectural BronzeCuZn39Pb2C38000CZ122CW618NH3100 C35611634-CuZn39Sn1 

Naval Brass (General Reference Density 8.44 gm/cm3)

Naval Brass C46200CZ112 H3100(92)C4621 P IS 291 GRADE 1
Naval Brass2.053C46400CZ114CW719RH3100(92)C4640 BE1634-CuZn38Sn1 
Naval BrassCuZn37Pb1Sn1C48200 CW714R 426-1 CuZn37pb1Sn1IS 291 GRADE 2
Naval Brass2.0371C48500CZ134CW711R CuZn39Pb2Sn 

Nickel Silver Brass (General Reference Density 8.6 gm/cm3)

Nickel Silver Brass2.077C79800 CW400J 1637-CuNi10Zn42Pb2 
Nickel Silver2.075C79860 CW407J, CuNi12Zn37Mn6Pb2 

Yellow Brass (General Reference Density 8.45 gm/cm3)

Cartridge Brass Yellow Brass2.0265C26000CZ106CW505LH3250(92)C2600 BECuZn30IS 4170 CuZn30
IS 4413 CuZn30
Yellow Brass2.0335C27000CZ107CW507LH3250(92) C2700 BECuZn36IS 2704 CuZn35
Yellow Brass2.0321, CuZn37; CuZn36C27200CZ108CW507LH3100(92)C27201637-CuZn37IS 4413 CuZn37
Yellow BrassCuZn37C27400CZ108CW508LH3100(92)C27201634 -CuZn37 

High Tensile Brass (General Reference Density 8.45 gm/cm3)

High Tensile Brass2.034-BS1400 HTB1CC765S-CuZn35Mn2AlFe1-CIS 304 HTB 1
High Tensile BrassCuZn35Al5-BS1400 HTB3CC762S-CuZn25Al5Mn4Fe3-CIS 304 HTB 2
High Tensile Brass2.055-CZ135CW713 RC6782--
High Tensile Brass-C67500CZ114CW721 R-CuZn39AlFeMnIS 320 HT2

Other Brass (General Reference Density 8.45 gm/cm3)

Aluminum Brass2.046C68700CZ110CW702RH3300(92) C6870 T IS 1545 CuZn21Al2As
Admiralty Brass2.047C44300CZ111CW706RH3100(92) C4430 P/RCuZn28Sn1IS 1545 CuZn29SnlAs
Manganese Brass C66800CZ110    
Silicon Brass2.049/CuZn31Si1  CW708 R   

DZR Brass (Dezincification Resistant Brass) / Low Leaded Brass (General Reference Density 8.44 gm/cm3)

Lead Free Brass C27450CZ121  CuZn37 
Low Leaded Brass C33000 CW705R C330 
DZR Brass (Dezincification Resistant Brass)2.0375C35330CZ132CW602N CuZn36Pb2As 
Dezincification Resistant Forging Brass2.0371C48600CZ111 C4430CuZn28Sn1 
We provide mass production of

Brass Turned Parts

based on custom specification or samples and & to UK, USA, Middle East, Germany, France, Russia, Poland, Greece, Spain and other European Countries. Contact us for more Information.