Extruded Bars

We are leading manufacturer of Extruded Bars including Aluminium Bars, Stainless-steel Bars, Brass Bars, Copper Bars and Steel Bars. Whether you are looking for Metal Bars for your electrical, electronics, automotive, automobile, aerospace, lighting, marine or any other type of applications. We provide a wide range of Extruded Bars in a variety of metal materials, sizes, shapes and quantity. The range of Extruded Bars is the ideal and economical choice for various applications because of its broad functional temperature range, long-lasting performance, excellent machinability, relatively easy and inexpensive to shape and form.

From simple to most complex Extrusion Bars, we provide you with the products which meet all your Brass Extrusion Requirements. With precisely combine material and alloys, we produce and cast exact Extruded Bars you require. Extruded Bars are accepting finish techniques including powder coatings, anodizing, electroplating and more.

Select Extruded Bars based on a variety of factors including material alloys, design, shapes, process capabilities and more for your required application. We provide high volume production for Extruded Bars requirement.

Metal Bars

Metal Bars

Brass Bars

Aluminium Bars

Copper Bars

Stainless Steel Bars

Steel Bars

Extruded Bars

Custom Extrusion Process

  • The range of Extruded Bars are manufactured from Billets under experienced team of experts. Once billets are thoroughly heated, they are extruded in hydraulic process.
  • Then, Semi Finished Extrusions are shifted to the drawing area where they have been pointed, drawn, straighten or cold rolled.
  • After that, the Extruded Bars are checked and monitored for the chemical, mechanical and electrical properties to meet your specific requirements.

Extruded Bar Forms

  • Hollow Shapes
  • Profiles
  • Rods and Bars
  • Rods
  • Semi hollow Shapes
  • Solids
  • Tubings

Extruded Bar Shapes

  • Square Extruded Bars
  • Hollow Extruded Bars
  • Semi Hollow Extruded Bars
  • Round Extruded Bars
  • Hex Extruded Bars
  • Flat Extruded Bars
  • Rectangular Extruded Bars
  • Solid Extruded Bars

Wide Range of Alloys

  • Aluminium: 6061, 6063, 6005, 6463, 110, 7075, 6082 and many more based on custom specification.
  • Stainless Steel: Austenitic Stainless Steel, Ferritic Stainless Steel, Martensitic Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel and many more based on custom specification.
  • Brass: Free Machining Brass, Free Cutting Brass, Red Brass, Yellow Brass, Lead Free Brass, Leaded Brass, Naval Brass, DZR Brass and many more based on custom specification.
  • Copper: Copper Nickel, Leaded Copper, DHP Copper, DHL Copper, Electrolytic Copper, Cadmium Copper, Chromium Copper, Beryllium Copper, Oxygen Free Copper and many more based on custom specification.
  • Steel: Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Tool Steel, Mild Steel, High Grade Standards Steel and many more based on custom specification.

Extruded Bars Testing Process

  • Metal high tensile strength testing
  • Metal Hardness testing
  • Metal Surface Finish Testing

Extruded Bar Features

  • RoHS and ELV Compliant Alloys.
  • Extrusion process increase the strength of material.
  • Closer Tolerance, Better Surface Finish.
  • Increased Ductility and workability.
  • High Corrosion Resistant & Good Weldability.
  • Combines Strength with Flexibility
  • High pressure properties.
  • With Special Tempers to enhance formability & machinability.

Extruded Bar Applications

  • Widely used for fasteners, turned components, milled components, machined components, precision components and pars, etc.
  • For various small to large scale projects.
  • Widely use in electrical, electronics, construction, waterworks, manufacturing, medical, automotive, automobile, aerospace, transport, food and many more industrial sectors.
We can manufacture any type of Larger Quantity Extruded Bars based on custom specification or samples & export to Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, UK and other European Countries. Contact Us for more Information.