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Custom Manufacturing of Metal Turned Parts

We are the client-centric manufacturing company responsible for our full production cycle. We offer customized product solution for Metal Turned Parts, Precision Metal Turned Parts and many other products. We work closely with our customers to achieve their desired requirements for Metal Turned Parts. We focus on mass production and bulk manufacturing of any type of Metal Turned Parts. Many customers come to us with a custom product design, tolerance, shape, thread, plating and many other configurations as per their requirements. If you have a sketch or part that needs to be recreated or modified, we can bring your part from design to development based on your specification.


Medium and High-Volume Production

With the extensive facility and state-of-art manufacturing unit, we can serve our client base precision quality Metal Turned Parts across diverse industries. We are one-stop-shop for all your machining and turning requirements. From Simple to Complex designed parts, Small to Large Size, Low to High Volume Production, Simple to Complex Torque Metal Turned Parts, we can fulfil all your custom requirements. Our Manufacturing Process utilizes specific Metal Turned Parts quality control and inspection techniques to meet all your standard specification.


Metal Finishing Services

Metal Surface Finishing is very important for any type of Metal Turned Parts or Custom Parts. We provide various metal finishing services including Powder Coating, Anodizing, Electro Plating, Abrasive Blasting, Surface Grinding, Plating, Black Oxide, Chrome & Nickle Plating, Vibratory Polishing and many more. Metal Finishing and Surface Coating Service are used to shape parts, improve corrosion resistance, durability, appearance and overall performance. Whether you require Metal Turned Parts with custom finishing or coating for a large commercial project or for any custom requirements, we can fulfil your requirements.


International Exports

We serve and export our range of high-quality Metal Turned Parts with increasing demand for standard and customized Metal Turned Parts and Fasteners in various industrial sectors including Electronics, Electrical, Automotive, Automotive, Manufacturing, Construction, Building, Marine, Machinery, Transport, Telecommunications, Mining, Petrochemical and many more. We export Metal Turned Parts and other products in European Countries including Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Sweden, Romania, Russia, Finland, and many more. Our customer base spread across different states of Germany like Berlin, Hesse, Saarland, Hamburg, Bremen, Brandenburg, Bavaria and many more.