CNC Turning Parts

We have capabilities to produce high precision CNC Turning Parts and components with precise speed and accuracy. With Extensive inventory and custom capabilities, we can manufacture reliable and multi-functional CNC Turning Parts. CNC Turning Process is a manufacturing process in which material of bars held in the chuck, rotated and built desired shape of CNC Turned Parts. We deliver CNC Turned Parts which provide exceptional performance and best suitable solution. Whether you are looking for CNC Turning Parts for automotive, automobile, waterworks, food industry, medical, construction or any other type of applications, we provide a wide range of CNC Turning Parts in variety of sizes, shapes and quantity. Our range of CNC Turning Parts is the right choice for various applications because of its long-lasting performance, accurate integration, overall high efficiency and attractive appearance. We also provide CNC Turning Parts with different types of surface finishing options including matte finish, brushed finish, mirror finish, bright annealed finish, mechanically polished finish and more.

Our custom CNC Turning services meet all your requirements includes tooling options, spindle option, outer diameter limitations and many more. We can also provide high volume production needs of our customers and ensure precise CNC turning or machining needs or requirements. With precisely combined material and alloys, we produce and cast the same CNC Turning Parts for your custom requirements. Select CNC Turning Parts and Components based on different factors including design, shapes, process capabilities and more for your Required application. We provide high volume production for CNC Turning Parts.

CNC Turning Parts

Wide Range of Alloys:

  • Aluminium: 6061, 6063, 6005, 6463, 110, 7075, 6082 and many more based on custom specification.
  • Stainless Steel: Austenitic Stainless Steel, Ferritic Stainless Steel, Martensitic Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel and many more based on custom specification.
  • Brass: Free Machining Brass, Free Cutting Brass, Red Brass, Yellow Brass, Lead Free Brass, Leaded Brass, Naval Brass, DZR Brass and many more based on custom specification.
  • Copper: Copper Nickel, Leaded Copper, DHP Copper, DHL Copper, Electrolytic Copper, Cadmium Copper, Chromium Copper, Beryllium Copper, Oxygen Free Copper and many more based on custom specification.
  • Steel: Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Tool Steel, Mild Steel, High Grade Standards Steel and many more based on custom specification.

CNC Turning Process:

  • Straight CNC Turning
  • Taper CNC Turning
  • Hard CNC Turning
  • Facing
  • Parting (Cut off)
  • Profiling or External Grooving
  • Boring
  • Drilling
  • Knurling
  • Reaming
  • Threading
  • Polygonal CNC Turning

CNC Turning Parts Features:

  • RoHS and ELV Compliant Alloys.
  • Production of High Dimensional Tolerance CNC Turning Parts available.
  • Smooth Finishes according to custom specification.
  • Production of CNC Turning Parts with precise accuracy.
  • Durable, Temperature Resistant and Wear Resistant.
  • Turning Quality with Improved Machinability.
  • High Corrosion & Heat Resistant.
  • Short Lead Times.
  • Require Low Maintenance.
  • Robust and Stable.
  • Excellent Mechanical Properties.

CNC Turning Parts Applications:

  • For used with Auto Lathe, Turning and Machining Procedures.
  • CNC Turned Parts are widely used for general fabrication, milling, fastening, machining and other procedures.
  • For manufacturing machine components, shafts, engine components, engineering components and many more.
  • Great Choice for auto parts, Pump Shafts, Fasteners and Scaffolding applications.
  • CNC Turning Parts are widely used by Automotive, Automobile, Transport, Waterworks, Medical Construction, Machinery Equipment, Consumer Goods, Electrical, Food Industries.
We provide mass production of CNC Turning Parts based on custom specification or samples and & to UK, USA, Middle East, Germany, France, Russia, Poland, Greece, Spain and other European Countries. Contact us for more Information.