Neutral Link Bar

As a leading manufacturer, we are your one-stop solution provider for a diverse selection of neutral link bars. With an extensive inventory of materials, alloys, standard technologies, and more, we provide the best production solution for custom neutral link bars based on customer specifications and requirements.

There are unlimited types of neutral link bars are available for various applications and purposes. Whether you are looking for a neutral link bar for your electrical, automotive, automobile, aerospace, lighting, or any other type of applications, we provide a wide range of neutral link bars in a variety of materials, sizes, shapes, and quantities. From simple to most complex neutral link bar, we provide you with the production which meets all your turning and machining requirements. With precisely combine material and alloys, we produce and cast the exact neutral link bar you require. The neutral link bar is available with a variety of surface finishing options including powder coating, anodizing, or any mechanical finish to improve its durability, accuracy, and long-lasting life.

Select the range of neutral link bars based on different factors including material alloys, design, shapes, grooves, holes, threads, surfaces, process capabilities, and more for your required application. We provide high-volume production for neutral link bars.

Neutral Link Bar

Neutral Link Bar Features:

  • Neutral Bars are UL recognized and CSA certified.
  • Resist galvanized corrosion and abrasion.
  • Easy to use and install with the help of general installation tools.
  • Custom neutral link bar enables quick isolation of circuits.
  • Provide maximum electric conductivity.
  • Reliable and durable with copper products.
  • Require less space and increase performance.

Neutral Link Bar Applications:

  • Neutral link bar used for neutral bar assemblies and earthing as well grounding application.
  • Neutral link bar ideal for both indoor and outdoor electrical applications.
  • Neutral link bar is mostly used for grounding and neutral termination in panels, control systems, MCB, ECB, and many other devices.
  • Precision neutral link bar preferred to distribute electric power current and neutral lines.
We can manufacture any type of Larger Quantity Neutral Link Bar based on custom specification or samples & export to Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, UK and other European Countries. Contact us for more Information.