DIN 6922 Bolts

DIN 6922 Bolts

DIN 6922 Bolts
DIN 6922 Bolts


  • Steel, Galvanized steel,  Stainless steel A4 / A2


  • This type of fasteners DIN 6922 is widely used in the machine structure for fastening structural elements and various parts using nuts. The bolt has a hexagonal head, a flat flange, a partial thread and a transition tail.


  • DIN 6922 Bolts are Hexagon Flange Bolts with Reduced Shank.
  • Bolt DIN 6922 - part of a small metal stud with hexagon head and adapter ring, has a dense and high-strength structure.
  • Bolts are produced with a variety of flanges, this type of bolt has a flat flange.
  • Bolt DIN 6922 is used for installation, connection, fastening of structural elements.
  • Bolts of this type together with nuts of the appropriate size can create a reliable and strong connection for any design.
  • Bolt DIN 6922 is made of high-strength carbon steel.
  • The bolt passes special galvanic zinc coating or thermal diffusion treatment, after which it can withstand high loads.


  • The principle of operation is: after drilling and threading (for a metal base), you can tighten the bolt, thereby creating a reliable attachment.
  • For a more secure attachment, you can use flat, lock washers together with the bolt.
  • A lock washer is used to improve the grip of the bolt or nut to the base, and it also helps to reduce the load when the bolt is subsequently unscrewed.
l ≤ 125125 <l≤200l> 200
M81 / 1,25188.1132228-
M101 / 1.25 / 1.522.39.21526th32-
M121.25 / 1.5 / 1.7526.611.516thirty36-
M141.5 / 230.512.8183440-
M161.5 / 23514.421384457
M201.5 / 2.54317.127th465265
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