DIN 6796 Washer

DIN 6796 Washer

DIN 6796 Washer
DIN 6796 Washer


  • Steel, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel A2 / A4.


  • Disc spring washer DIN 6796 is used in many industrial and manufacturing industries as a shock absorber when fastening products with metric thread to the surface.


  • GOST 13439, ISO 10670


  • DIN 6796 Washer is a Conical Spring Washer.
  • The DIN6796 clamping washer is used for mounting vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • The washer is made of high-quality steel, which guarantees the fastening element maximum strength and reliability.
  • Use a washer to perform the fastening can be repeatedly.
  • Increased resistance to negative environmental influences.
  • Simplicity, convenience and ease of use.
  • After the connection is made, the probability of deburring the fasteners as a result of the influence of dynamic stress and vibration loads is eliminated.
  • The washer can be used for connection with screws, screws, bolts.


  • When choosing a washer, it is important to take into account its inside diameter, as well as what materials it is made of.
  • The fastening element is used in industry and mechanical engineering for the assembly of structures, which are subject to stringent operational requirements.
  • When tightening the fasteners, the washer protects the surface at the junction from deformation of the surface.
  • The main task of the DIN6796 washer is to perform spring properties between fasteners and fasteners.
Puck parametersThread diameter of the fastener
Inside diameter, d2.
Outer diameter, d156th7th89eleven1417th1823293539424549566070
Thickness, s0.,555.56th6.57th
Height, hmin.0.50.610.720.921.121.351.722.242.83.434.044.585.
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