DIN 608 Bolts

DIN 608 Bolts

DIN 608 Screws


  • Steel, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel A2, A4.


  • Bolt DIN 608 is used in machine building, agriculture, furniture production, instrument making and construction for reliable fastening of elements of metal and wooden structures. The bolt is made with a square headrest to prevent scrolling during bolt mounting.


  • GOST 7786, DIN 605 (Square header is higher than in DIN 608)


  • DIN 608 Bolts are Countersunk head Square Bolts.
  • Bolt DIN 608 is made of high-strength material.
  • Bolt is actively used in the agricultural industry.
  • The original bolt is made in accordance with the German standard DIN 608.
  • Also, the bolt corresponds to the national standard GOST 7786-81.
  • Has an original appearance: under the flat hat is a square headrest that goes into a metric thread.
  • The common name is a screw bolt.
  • Can be used in the foundry industry to connect parts of heating boilers.
  • Ideal for attaching wooden equipment to agricultural machinery.
  • The headrest acts as a reliable fixer for the hardware, prevents the involuntary cranking of the bolt.


  • In the production of bolts DIN 608, a certain class of steel is used, from 3.6 to 8.8, which fully meets the current strength requirements.
  • In order to wrap the bolt in the cavity of the material, it is necessary to make a hole along the diameter of the bolt and fix it with a nut.
Bolt settings Nominal diameter d
M10 M12
Pitch of thread, P 1.5 1.75
Height of threaded part, b 26th thirty
Diameter of the threaded part of the bolt, ds, no more than 10 12
Head height with head, f, not more than 8.45 11.05
Head diameter, dk, not more than 19.65 24.65
Length of the head of the head, v, not more than 10.58 12.7
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