DIN 444 Bolts

DIN 444 Bolts

DIN 444 Screw

DIN 444 Screws


  • Steel, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel A2, A4.


  • The DIN 444 folding bolt is used in various industrial and manufacturing industries, in construction, in furniture production and in households, for joining parts that need to be quickly clamped or unclamped. Also, the DIN 444 bolt is used as a rigging element.


  • GOST 14724, GOST 14725, GOST 3033.


  • DIN 444 Bolts are Eye Bolts.
  • Bolt DIN 444 is made of carbon steel of various strength classes.
  • Bolt of this type can be manufactured with galvanized galvanized coating, and without it.
  • If you plan to operate this type of bolts with direct exposure to the external environment, for example in an open area, in extreme weather conditions.
  • The bolt is equipped with a special ring, which can be used for fastening.
  • This type of bolt is very often used to create a pendant mount.
  • Excellent cope with high thermal loads.


  • The main purpose of the bolts with the eye is to provide rigging.
  • In addition, these bolts are used for installation and installation in load-bearing and temporary partitions and walls.
  • The bolt DIN 444 is used for the installation of equipment and various machines, and accordingly one of the main purposes is engineering and industry.
Bolt settingsNominal diameter d
Pitch of thread, P0.811.251.51.7522.5333.53.544
Height of threaded part, b, not less than16182226ththirty3846546066788490
Diameter of the ring, outer, d112141820253240455055606570
Diameter of the ring, internal, d256th810121618222427ththirty3235
Ring width, s, not more than89eleven1417th192428thirty34384146
Bolt height, l, min.thirty3540455570100100120150150160160
Bolt height, l, max.8090140150260260260260300300300300300
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