Self-Tapping Brass Inserts

Self-Tapping Brass Inserts
Self Tapping Inserts


  • Brass, Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminium


  • Ideal for automated production.
  • Installs easily into thermoset or thermoplastic materials.
  • Internally and Externally Threaded metal bushing which are installed in plastics, soft metals and wood to provide stronger threads than the base plastic or metal can offer.
  • Ideal in electronic and electrical work where contamination can cause serious problems.


  • Self-Tapping and Self-Locking.
  • Provide stronger, more durable permanent threads in soft metals and plastics.
  • Offer strong resistance to rotation and pull-out.
  • Lead on both ends simplifies installation.
  • Provides an increased bearing surface.
  • Large diameter head prevents jack out in applications where elongated slots or larger than standard clearance holes are necessary in the mating component.
  • Specified in applications where increased resistance to rotation is required.


  • Slots provide rapid cutting action.
  • Flanged configuration provides larger bearing surface.
  • During the installation process the cutting action of self-tapping inserts results in slight outward stress.
  • It has a larger bearing surface that is required in high torque applications.
  • Provides an excellent conductive surface for electrical contacts, ring connectors or eyelets.
We can manufacture and export Self-Tapping Brass Inserts as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact us