HRC Fuse Contacts

HRC Fuse Contacts

HRC Fuse Contact


  • Material: Brass, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium


  • Suitable for application in Fuse Bases and fuse-switch disconnector.
  • Ideally suitable for back up protection to motor starters against short circuit faults.
  • For ease of installation snap on site fit accessories, Enhanced life and intuitive operation makes them a very user friendly range of circuit breaker for any application.
  • Provide Protection against electrical shock.


  • Positive Indication of the operation.
  • Low Power loss not only saves energy but also ensures cool running and longer life of equipment.
  • Low cut-off current reduces electromagnetic stresses and damage to circuit and equipment.
  • Reduces thermal stresses, fire risks and damage to the equipment.
  • HRC Fuse Contacts are fully shrouded.
  • Easy and fast access to the contact terminal screw due to simple sliding retained shrouds, Flexible mounting.


  • HRC Fuse Links do not contain hazardous substances according to directive 2002/95/EC(ROHS).
  • Made from glass-reinforced moulding material (SPB type) or zinc chromate steel sheet and with steatite contact carriers (SPF type).
  • Sufficient contact pressure is maintained by ring springs throughout life of the base which also does not allow temperature rise to exceed.
  • Low power loss and increased reliability due to the design of the carrier that provides positive stress free fitting of fuse and locates position of the fuse.
We can manufacture and export HRC Fuse Contacts as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact us