Helical Knurled Brass Inserts

Helical Knurled Brass Inserts
Helical Knurled Inserts


  • Brass, Stainless Steel, Steel, Copper


  • Used in engine cylinder head repair after unintentional over-torqueing or cross-threading of spark plugs strips the thread of the socket.
  • The straight radial piece is the driver tang which is used as a key to grip with pliers for driving the coil into place and is discarded after installation.
  • Designed for cold press installation into hard & filled thermoplastic & thermoset plastic materials.
  • Suitable for glass filled or thermoset materials.
  • Suitable for insertion in all types of plastics and can be used with hot plastic molding and cold plastic molding.
  • Best suitable for electrical molded box applications.


  • Provide a convenient means of repairing stripped-out threads and are also used to provide stronger threads in soft materials such as aluminium, zinc die castings, wood, magnesium etc.
  • Reduced installation force over conventional press-fit thread inserts.
  • Pilots provide a means of alignment with the receiving hole.
  • Double ended version simplifies automatic and manual installation.
  • Helical knurl offers a higher axial pull-out resistance than straight knurl, but with a lower resistance to torque.


  • The helically formed coils of diamond shaped stainless steel or phosphor bronze wire screw into a threaded hole a form a mating internal thread for a screw or stud.
  • Incorporates a helical knurl with a 'broaching' form & undercuts to enhance rotational & pull-out performance.
  • May also be heat or ultrasonically installed.
We can manufacture and export Helical Knurled Brass Inserts as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact us