DIN 95 Screws

DIN 95 Screw

DIN 95 Screw

DIN 95 Screws


  • Steel, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel A2, A4.


  • DIN 95 screw is widely used in construction and production areas for fixing and assembling structural elements in wood, metal, concrete, brick and plasterboard. Screw DIN 95 has a half-hollow head and incomplete thread.


  • GOST 1146-80.


  • DIN 95 Screws are Slotted Raised Countersunk Wood Screws.
  • Screw DIN 95 allows you to quickly and securely fix various designs to wooden, metal surfaces.
  • The fastener is distinguished by its high strength and ability to withstand large mechanical loads.
  • High resistance to corrosion, which has a positive effect on performance.
  • The screw can be used to fasten structures to vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • Multiple application, after unscrewing the screw can be reused for its intended purpose
  • Simplicity and ease of use, after screwing the screw of the screw completely hidden in the work surface.


  • For the manufacture of DIN 95 screws, stainless steel is used, the requirements and manufacturing techniques are observed.
  • To screw the screw it is enough to have a screwdriver, other tools are not needed.
  • The screw easily enters not only in wooden bases, but also concrete, brick surfaces.
  • It is used in everyday life, as well as in the production of furniture and construction work.
Screw ParametersNominal thread diameter
Pitch of thread, P0.
k, max.0.961.21.51.651.932.22.352.52.7533.54
b ≥ 0.6 l
Nominal length lmin.7th1010101616162020353535
We can manufacture and export DIN 95 Screw as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact us