DIN 912 Screw

DIN 912 Screw

DIN 912 Screw

DIN 963 Screws


  • Steel, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel A2, A4.


  • This product has a cylindrical head and an internal hexagon. The widely used screw DIN 912 found in the machine and machine tool industry for connecting structural elements subject to high loads. It is made of stainless or oxidized steel with galvanic zinc coating.


  • DIN 912 Screws are Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws.
  • The DIN 912 screw has an enlarged cylindrical head with an internal hexagon.
  • The screw is made in accordance with the European quality standard.
  • Fasteners fully comply with the requirements of ISO 4762, and GOST 11738.
  • The main purpose of the screw is mechanical engineering, furniture production.
  • Fasteners are able to provide reliable resistance to shock-dynamic and cyclic loads.
  • The screw is made of carbon and stainless steel, this material helps prevent premature corrosion of the product.


  • Due to the high level of bolt resistance to external factors, it is often used in the machine building industry, namely: snow-removal equipment, motorcycles, car holders.
  • Also, this type of bolts can be found on professional concrete mixers, which are equipped with only high-strength fasteners.
  • The principle of operation is that before installing it, it is necessary to determine the possible protrusion of the head with an internal hexagon so that its installation does not damage other mechanical components of the device.
  • After counting, you can proceed with installation, for this you may need a hexagonal wrench with a diameter of M8-M12.
Screw settingsNominal thread diameter d
Pitch of thread, P0.350.40.450.50.70.811.251.51.75
Ds, max.1.622.53456th81012
R, min.
e, min.1,7331,7332,3032.8733.4434,5835,7236,8639.14911,429
t, min.0.711.11.322.53456th
w, min.0.550.550.851.
B, max.151617th18202224283236
Nominal length, lmin.2.5344556th81014
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