DIN 84 Screw

DIN 84 Screw

DIN 84 Screw

DIN 85 Screws


  • Steel, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel A2, A4, Aluminum, Brass, Polyamide


  • Screws DIN 84 can be used as a connecting element for machine tools, including in various types of equipment and equipment intended for production and construction. DIN 84 is necessary for the assembly of cabinet and upholstered furniture, as well as for installation in advertising and exhibition products.


  • GOST 1491, ISO 1207


  • DIN 84 Screw is Slotted Cheese Head Machine Screw.
  • Screw DIN 84 - is made of high-strength steel with subsequent galvanic zinc coating.
  • The screw is equipped with a cylindrical head and a longitudinal hole for the slotted screwdriver (flat).
  • Designed for use in the machine-building and industrial-construction field.
  • Thanks to carbon steel DIN 84 screw is resistant to external stimuli, which prevents premature corrosion.


  • DIN 84 screw is recommended for non-conductive and non-magnetic materials.
  • The ideal option for their application will be the machine-building and instrument-making area, in which a small but reliable fastening is required.
  • For furniture production, as well as for the decoration of small advertising displays.
  • The principle of operation is as follows: preliminary drilling of the screw diameter is done, the thread is cut (for this purpose it is necessary to buy a nut or machine-hand tap with screw thread), after threading, screw with a slotted screwdriver or bits.
Screw settingsNominal thread diameter d1
M1,6M2M2.5M3M (3.5)M4M5M6M8M10
Pitch of thread, P0.350.40.450.
Head diameter, d233.84,55.56th7th8.5101316
Head height, kEN ISO 12071.11.41.822.
DIN 8411.31.6
Height, wEN ISO 12070.
DIN 840.260.360.560.760.961.061.521.62.22.7
Nominal length, lmin.2334556th81012
We can manufacture and export DIN 84 Screw as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact us