DIN 7991 Screw

DIN 7991 Screw

DIN 7991 Screw

DIN 7991 Screws


  • Steel, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel A2, A4, Aluminum, Polyamide


  • DIN 7991 screw with countersunk head and internal hexagon is used in shipbuilding, defense industry, machine building, chemical and food industries, instrumentation, where in places after bonding a flat surface is required. The screw has a strength class of 8.8 and 10.9, which puts the screw 7991 in the category of high-strength screws.


  • ISO 10642.


  • DIN 7991 Screws are Socket Countersunk Screws.
  • Screw DIN 7991 is made of high-strength steel.
  • The screw has a well-designed shape, a countersunk head with an internal hexagon and a special groove for the TORX key.
  • Refers to high-strength fasteners.
  • For screwing, a conventional hexagonal furniture can be fitted, which is released together with the fasteners.
  • The screw can be used as an additional technical decoration.


  • A screw made of stainless steel is used to restore or assemble electric appliances and machines.
  • It is ideal for materials that require non-conductive and non-magnetic elements.
  • Well cope with the connection of various parts of the body of the car, as well as they are used in machine-tool construction and instrument making.
  • In order to install the screw, it is necessary to pre-drill the hole and place it there, with the back side recommended to fix a nut of the appropriate diameter.
Screw settingsNominal thread diameter d1
Pitch of thread, P0.50.70.811.251.51.75222.5
k, max.1.862.483.13.724.966.27.448.48.810.16
e, min.2,3032.8733.4434,5835,7236,8639.14911,42911,42913,716
t, min.,54.85.6
B, max.18202224283236404452
Nominal length, lmin.6th6th6th8101220thirty2040
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