DIN 7980 Washer

DIN 7980 Washer

DIN 7980 Washer
DIN 7980 Washer


  • Steel, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel A2 / A4.


  • Spring washer DIN 7980 is widely used in machine and machine building for reinforced fastening together with other metric fasteners of structural units subjected to vibrating and dynamic influences. It has the shape of an incomplete circle with bevelled edges.


  • GOST 6402, DIN 127 *


  • DIN 7980 Washer is Hi-Collar Spring Lock Washer.
  • High operational and technical characteristics.
  • Durability and reliability of operation, all requirements and technologies are strictly observed during production.
  • Anticorrosion resistance, it is possible to use a washer DIN 7980 when making connections where there is a risk of a sudden change in humidity.
  • Durability and high quality, thanks to which this version of the fastening element can be used for fixing parts of the structure, which are used in harsh conditions.
  • Quick and easy installation and dismantling, after which the puck can be reused.
  • Ensures the fastener element maximum reliability and durability, eliminates the possibility of spontaneous unwinding.


  • It is used to strengthen the fastening element. Excellent for fixing structural elements made of metal, the surface of which can be exposed to vibrational loads during operation.
  • Fastening is performed using screws, bolts, studs. Widely used washer DIN 7980 in mechanical engineering, machine-tool construction, as well as construction.
Puck parametersThread diameter of the fastener
Inside diameter, d3.
Outside diameter, d25.66.17th8.89.912.7161821.124.426.430.632.935.938.9
Thickness, s111.21.61.622.52.533.53.54,54,555
Height, hmin.
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