DIN 571 Screws

DIN 571 Screw

DIN 571 Screw

DIN 571 Screws


  • Steel, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel A2, A4.


  • Screw DIN 571 is widely used in the construction of houses made of wood, the performance of sanitary and technical works and in everyday life for the secure attachment of various structures. Screw DIN 571 also has the name of Screw-capercaillie. This screw is mounted in concrete, brick, foam concrete walls with the use of a suitable dowel


  • GOST 11473.


  • DIN 571 Screws are Hexagon Wood Screws.
  • Increased strength and reliability, resulting in a durable bond.
  • Screw DIN 571 made with all the requirements used high-quality tool steel.
  • Resistance to negative effects of moisture.
  • Simplicity and convenience in operation.
  • Possibility of multiple use.
  • Fastening can be performed on concrete, brick and wooden surfaces, which are located vertically or horizontally.
  • When making the fastening, you can use a washer, which will reduce the dynamic load at the connection point.


  • To quickly and easily screw the screw it is enough to have a key of the appropriate size.
  • When screwing the screw into a concrete or brick foundation, a hole is made beforehand, and a duple is inserted.
  • The screw can be used in everyday life when carrying out various works, it is also used in the production and construction sphere for fast assembly of wooden structures, as well as making fastenings on more complex surfaces.
Screw ParametersNominal thread diameter
Pitch of thread, P1.,556th7th
ds, maximum456th7th810121620
da, maximum56th7.
e, not less than7.58.6310.8913.0714.218.7220.8826.1732.95
b ≥ 0.6 l
Nominal length lmin.1616206025thirty355060
We can manufacture and export DIN 571 Screw as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact us