DIN 562 Nuts

DIN 562 Nuts

DIN 562 Nuts
DIN 562 Nuts


  • Steel, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel A2, A4.


  • The square nut DIN 562 is used in machine building, instrument engineering and construction for reliable connection of fasteners, subjected to dynamic impact and strong vibrations, protection against self unscrewing. The DIN 562 nut is mounted in pre-prepared grooves for a more concealed attachment and eliminates the need to scroll the nut during installation.


  • DIN 562 Nuts are Square Thin Nuts.
  • Guarantee of high reliability of the received connection.
  • Prevent erosion of the installation.
  • It is designed for heavy operating loads.
  • Provides an easy and fast installation process.
  • It is made of high-tech steel, so it tolerates the impact of aggressive environments and severe conditions.
  • Can be used in a limited installation space.
  • It is not required to use specialized equipment, it is quite enough of a standard wrench.
  • Do not allow spindles to unwind spontaneously.


  • DIN 557 (close analog, difference in thickness of the nut)


  • The DIN 562 nut is made especially for structures subject to heavy loads and impacts.
Nut parametersNominal thread diameter d
Pitch of thread, P0.350.40.450.50.60.710.811.251.5
Nut height, m11.21.61.822.22.73.245
The length of the face, s3.2455.56th7th8101316
Diagonal of square section, not less than, e456.37th7.68.910.212.716.520.2
s max55.57th8101316
m max1.
Step for main thread0.450.
We can manufacture and export DIN 562 Nuts as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact us