DIN 558 Bolts

DIN 558 Bolts

DIN 558 Bolts

DIN 558 Screws


  • Steel, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel A2, A4.


  • The DIN 558 bolt is used in machine and machine tool construction, construction and other industrial production areas for joining fasteners exposed to dynamic impact and vibration. Bolt DIN 558 with hexagon head is produced by strength class 3.6 and 4.6.


  • Nominal thread diameter DIN 558 D: M5-M64; Thread pitch DIN 558, P: 0,8-6; Head height DIN 558, K: 3,5-40; C DIN 558 max .: 0.5-1; R DIN 558: 0.2-2; A DIN 558 max .: 2.4-28; Diameter of circumscribed circle e DIN 558, not less: 8,63-104,86; Turnkey size DIN 558, S: 8-95; Bolt length DIN 558, L: min. 10-120, max. 60-500.


  • The DIN 558 bolt has a hexagon head.
  • This type of bolt is used to fasten elements of various designs in engineering, instrumentation and other industrial and manufacturing industries in conjunction with nuts.
  • Excellent for creating reliable fasteners in conditions of increased chemical and physical activity.
  • Ideal for mounting engine components and associated structural parts of any fasteners.


  • Statistics show that the DIN 558 bolt with hexagon head is ideal for any type of universal fastener.
  • To create a more robust design, the bolts are recommended to be used with flat and lock washers.
  • Ideal for machine building, shipbuilding, instrument-making industry.
  • Thanks to the solid thread that goes from the base of the cap to the bottom of the bolt, it can be used to connect planes of any purpose.
  • Bolt DIN 558 will serve as an excellent solution for fixing metal fences and creating farm buildings.
Bolt settings

Nominal thread diameter D

Pitch of thread, P0.811.251.51.75222.52.52.5333.5
Head height, K3.545.
C max.
A max.2.4344,55.36th6th7.57.57.59910.5
Diameter of circumscribed circle e, not less thanDIN 5588.6310.8914.218.7220.8823.9126.1729.5632.9538,4239.5545.250.85
ISO 401817.5919.8522.7837.29
Turnkey size, SDIN 5588101317th19222427ththirty32364146
ISO 401816182134
Bolt length, LMin.1012101616202535thirty45505560
We can manufacture and export DIN 558 Bolts as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact us