DIN 433 Washer

DIN 433 Washer

DIN 433 Washer
DIN 433 Washer


  • Steel, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel A2, A4, Polyamide, Brass


  • DIN 433 washer is used in machine building, shipbuilding, instrument making, construction to increase the pressure area and does not allow for the unscrewing of various structural elements, promotes strong adhesion of fastened surfaces.


  • DIN 433 Flat Washer available with Reduced O.D.
  • Durability and reliability that is provided by the washer using an appropriate material and standards.
  • Long service life regardless of conditions.
  • Increased resistance to corrosive environments and corrosion.
  • The possibility of use after dismantling the fastening.
  • The washer can be used in conditions of a sharp drop in temperature and humidity.
  • The washer DIN 433 is manufactured in accordance with the requirements and standards with the use of advanced technologies on high-precision equipment.
  • The washer belongs to universal fasteners, it can be used for joining wooden, metal and plastic structures.
  • Fastening can be performed with the use of screws, bolts, screws.


  • GOST 10450, ISO 7092.


  • The washer DIN 433 is used in engineering, instrument-making, shipbuilding and other industries, where it is important to get a reliable and strong connection of structural elements in the process of assembly.
  • The DIN 433 washer is durable and of high quality, the possibility of self-loosening of the fasteners during the operation of the structure is completely eliminated, even if vibratory loads are applied to it.
Puck parametersThread diameter of the fastener
Inside diameter, d1min.
Outside diameter, d26.
Thickness, s0.
Width, b1.,5556th6th7th7th810
We can manufacture and export DIN 433 Washer as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact us