Cross Knurled Brass Inserts

Cross Knurled Brass Inserts
Cross Knurled Brass Inserts


  • Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, Steel


  • Suitable for installation with wide range of Thermoplastics, used where high pull out resistance is required.
  • Used for fitting and fastening electronics products, surgical instruments, automotive parts and optical products.
  • Ideal for use in punched or drilled holes.


  • Double Ended, Assist Automatic Feeding, Increased Pull Out and Torque Performance.
  • Self-Aligning and hence aid installation process.
  • Increases products life span under operating condition without any fatal error.
  • Tapered design reduces installation time.
  • Exceptional Torque Strength is achieved as the insert’s knurled body expands filling the hole.


  • Install ultrasonically or with heat driver.
  • Thread area is enclosed eliminating leakage past the threads from either side of the application.
  • Superior Thread Strength is provided due to our internal rolled thread manufacturing process.
We can manufacture and export Cross Knurled Brass Inserts as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact us