Brass Wood Wedge Anchors

Brass Wood Wedge Anchors

Brass Wood Wedge Anchors


  • Brass, Stainless Steel, Steel, Copper


  • Used where strength requirements are not as great as when shields are used.
  • Wood screw anchors can also be used in solid masonry and concrete, and are used for light, shallow hold anchoring.
  • Designed for light to heavy-duty anchoring into solid concrete.


  • Wood wedge (lead) anchors are wedged into a hole and then expanded for a tight fit with the insertion of a wood screw or similar item.
  • They are not threaded internally.
  • As it expands, the outer wall flows into any irregularities in the hole wall, enabling correct setting in imperfect holes.
  • Listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed, EX2224(N).
  • Available in vertical mount, horizontal mount and Swivel mount to accommodate all fastening situations.


  • Brass Wood Wedge anchors are designated by the size screw they are used with and the length which is measured from end to end.
  • Wood Wedge Anchors work by inserting them into a hole drilled into concrete.
  • The wedge anchor is then expanded, wedging itself securely in the concrete.
  • The extreme end of the threaded portion is rounded to protect the threads from damage while the anchor is being driven into the hole drilled in the concrete.
  • A precision formed universal clip made of carbon steel is permanently assembled around the necked down diameter to complete the anchor.
We can manufacture and export Brass Wood Wedge Anchors as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact us