Brass Switch Parts

two pin sockets

5 Amp Two Pin Sockets with Spring

earthing sockets

5 Amp Earthing Sockets with Spring

universal combine socket

5 X 15 Amp Universal Combine Sockets

riveting tc piller

6 Amp Riveting TC Piller

switch center parts

16 Amp Center Part

top pin

5 Amp Top Pin with Spring

two pin socket

5 Amp Two Pin Sockets Heavy Type

live part sockets

10 Amp Live Part Sockets

universal combine socket

10 X 15 Amp Universal Combine Sockets

riveting tc pillers

16 Amp Riveting TC Piller

switch side part

32 Amp Side Part

universal combine sockets

5 X 5 Amp Universal Combine Sockets

earthing socket

15 Amp Earthing Sockets

Ceiling Rose

Ceiling Rose

switch side part

16 Amp Side Part

switch side parts

32 Amp Center Part


  • Material: Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Electroplated Tin, Electroless Brass


  • Used for channel switching.
  • Also used of manufacturing different types of switches.
  • For soldered connections.
  • Ideal for use in pre wired distribution pillars.
  • Provide electrical protection and electrical isolation of sections of installation.


  • Require Less maintenance.
  • Safeguarding of investments in existing structures.
  • Allow immediate, simple and safe replacement.
  • Pre-treated for adhesion to multiple passes of a wide range of switches.
  • Available in Round, Hex, Square, Slotted shapes.
  • Construction must comply with the design.


  • Heat Treated for low shrinkage and dimensional stability.
  • Flammability Ratings available upon application.
  • Fitted with cast stainless steel blocks.
  • Sockets mounted in brushed stainless steel modular panel.
  • Flange mounting or root options available.
We can manufacture and export Brass Truss Head Rivets as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact us