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  • Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Nickel Plated Brass

Application of Brass Cable Glands

  • Protects the conductors from mechanical damage and protect the trunk from getting dust and moisture at the point of cable entry.
  • The sectional design of the cable entry allows cable entry without dismantling the input.
  • Serve to prevent entry of flammable gas into equipment enclosures, for electrical equipment in hazardous areas.
  • The brass cable gland is suited for protection against liquid, dust, strain, water, vibration and twists.
  • These glands are majorly used in measuring and controlling instruments, machineries and more.
  • It is used with all types of electrical power, instrumentation, control, telecommunication cables and more.
  • Used widely for sealing cables sealing cables that pass through the bulkheads or gland plates.

Benefits of Brass Cable Glands

  • Provide the most reliable connection for protecting he cable entry point in harsh environments.
  • Brass are the traditional resistance of the material to corrosion and seawater, resistance to mechanical impacts and shock loads, they are perfectly suited for use in the most critical areas of installation on all types of marine vessels.
  • Provide protection against dust and moisture / tightness up to IP68.
  • Also available version with an elongated threaded part for shells with thickened walls.
  • Also Available external cable strain relief.
  • Conformed by international test and corresponding certificates.
  • Made as per industrial standards to provide security to earthing systems, functional safety and longevity of performance.
  • Available in array of sizes.


  • Unloading from tension, protection from scrolling and tightness throughout the clamping area.
  • O-Ring made of neoprene, clamping rings made of steel, galvanized and chrome plated.
  • With pre-installed sealing ring on the connecting threads, Cable Glands tested in accordance with DIN EN 50262.
  • Glands intended to resist dripping water or water pressure will include synthetic rubber or other types of elastomer seals.
We can manufacture and export Brass Cable Glands as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact us